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Default same dilemma

Hi John

Same dilemma here. I'm a late starter at 48 (it's great to think I might have 20+ years of skating ahead of me, to get to where you're at). I've been skating since June last year. I've just been given a long-service award of 250 to spend on a gift of my choosing for having worked in the same place for 25 years (age has a few benefits!) so it feels like the perfect excuse for a new pair of skates. I'm looking into getting some Powerslide Trinity Triskates (3x100mm - fairly low profile compared with many other similar skates) for half marathons and rougher surfaces (the roads where I live are badly maintained - patchy at best) while keeping my Seba FR2s (4x80mm) for more general skating and indoors. I'm trying to investigate the pros and cons before I go spending the council's money! For once - a nice problem to have.

Something I've not thought of asking anyone until now - what are larger wheels like for going up hills? Any advice much appreciated.
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