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Default To Triskate or not to Triskate.....

Hi Everyone.

I am getting back into inline skating and am very attracted to the various triskates. However, because they are somewhat expensive I am hesitating.
Factors: Age 71, Very fit. I got some K2 fit 84 skates to get going again but want larger wheels to smooth out the pavement a bit more. And a better boot. I will be trying the Seba Trix 2 90 this afternoon. I am trying to finds some Tri's to try.

My skating is going to be mainly going places. In Vancouver BC we have a couple of new paved trails so we can go some long distances. I won't be jumping off small buildings or spending hours at the skate park. But I want to be agile and able to more around, slalom on small hills. I like light skates too. Everything has to get lighter as you get older!

I have watched a lot of videos and read all I can find on Triskates but and still not sure they are good for me. But I like the idea. I would prefer to go with 100mm and not the 110.

Do the Triskates "rocker" pretty quickly? One video shows how to wear the front and back wheels so you have more rocker. Then someone in a shop said they will develop rocker and I might not like that.
Some say there is less pushing off surface area some say it is ok.
I guess so much of this depends on how you are skating, where, and what your surface is.

If any of you older skaters or even younger ones can share your experience and how you use them, I would really appreciate it.

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