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No, lawyers have a choice to take a case or not, you can have a civil case over virtually anything. If its way out in left field, it may not be heard, or may have to be appealed for better information before it is heard or considered.

If a user continues to use a piece of equipment of which they know its shortcommings, or potential dangers they are more at fault than the seller or manufacturer is.

Enough of this crap in a "can it be fixed" thread. Total derailment.

The short of it is obvious. Yes, it can be, yes it could still break like anything can, and yes you can completely make it as strong as the new design with some careful work with minimal costs.

Also even if it was modified, a company would habe to prove that your modified version actually compromised the structural integrity of the piece.

The short there is , its not worth the time or money if you fell because of it.

The only potentially good thing would be ask nicely and be persuasive in getting a replacement. Which would be the same plate, undamage, and youd then want to reinforce the problem area.
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