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Hi Larry,
I am so happy for you that you found a teacher/mentor who is willing to spend so much time with you. I hope Peter will get through his medical issues quickly.

I like what you described about your jumping and where the lift and rotation originate. What you described about the combination is a basic 5 step combination. Once you get that well enough then a good next step is to substitute the waltz jump with an Axel or a Boeckl. Either one would be preceded with some advanced footwork.

What I found difficult on the Flip or Lutz was the same thing I felt doing edge runs to the right (forward), which was an un-natual feeling. Most of us are use to typical counter clockwise movement around a rink in normal session skating and in dance, so we favor that direction. Freestyle skaters have to utilize all directions which can feel a bit uncomfortable on a forward right or backward left lean. So is the same with the flip and lutz. But with practice and time it will feel natural.

Once you get the loop comfortably, you may find the Boeckl very easy. It can be taken off like a loop but from the forward direction (left leg in front) or you can use the drag from behind (left leg behind like an Axel but opposite foot). What is cool about the Boeckl is that it is a great step to the learn the double Loop. If that is your goal then practice the Boeckl with the left foot in front as you would a loop.

Again Larry, I am happy for you.
Jim (The Ancient One)
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