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Smile Derrick thank you for this post...Larry O

Dear Derrick,

This very problem, knee soreness has been starting to bother me. I was wondering why? In my case I have been doing a lot of concentrated skating.

Very few people have access to a skating rink where I am the only one practicing. I don't even attend sessions any more because the skating is sporadic for the dances I am practicing and the jumps and spins I am skating during a skating session. When I skate I usually skate by myself for 2-3 hours a day in the skating rink by myself. The Fountain Valley Skating Rink is available for "Club Skaters" when ever the rink in not giving a private party or roller skating session.

For myself, I have found plenty of sleep helps. I have been pounding my body with vitamins many of the ones described on this blog. I have also been taking a lot of hot showers which seem to heal the knee joints and I have taken a lot of walks to loosen up those knee muscles.

But I will say this my knees get sore and sometime I just have to rest 1-2 days between practices.


Larry O

P.S,. I have also been trying to eat a lot of good foods, vegetables, fruits and such and protein drinks. Everything seems to help but my right knee does get sore and I'm watching it and nurturing it. I don't want to hurt it if at all possible. I'm 61 years old and I'm really too old to be jumping and spinning, but even the dance makes my right knee get sore. My right knee is usually never sore while practicing, only after practicing, about a 15-20 minutes after practice it starts to get sore and I have to baby it while I''m walking to the car and for the next 8 hours, at least. It does recover, but to be completely healed takes at least one day if not two to become normal again with no aches.
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