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First of all, overuse injuries occur due to inflammation in tendons and sometimes ligaments, joints, etc. These tissues take much longer than regular muscle to heal which is why it can be confusing to know when you are actually ready to begin activity again. You MUST take a break and let the inflammation die down and allow the tissues to heal. This process can take weeks to heal fully. If you are unwilling to wait for very long, just take 1 or 2 weeks off and come back slowly. Skate once or twice a week and focus on good form and do not exaggerate your movements.

I know it's frustrating, I had tennis elbow in high school because we would play for 3 or 4 hours or more every single day in 100+ degree Texas summers, it didn't matter, we were out there. It can develop through poor form but improving your form will not allow the injury to heal without rest. And yes, overuse injuries are just that. Injuries. You have to treat them as such or be prepared to suffer the consequences (chronic pain and inflammation, lack of range of motion, etc).
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