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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
The look is the reason I'd want a set. They're unique and Albert's hubs are sensational. I just wish that that type of customization didn't come at such a cost. (says the guy who spends $160+ for a set of 6 125mm inline speed wheels).

As for the bearings, I'll avoid additional spacing when necessary. That said, since wheels are made mainly to accommodate 608 and 627 bearings, I'll stick with 608 and 627 bearings. I have sets of Bones Swiss (both 6 and 7 ball) that are over 10 years old and still roll as good as they day they came out of the box and I do little maintenance on them aside of a drop of Tri-Flow synthetic oil every few months or so. Some of my bearings take a beating during speed practice and I'd say take a bit of stress with the 125mm wheels that I use. That's a lot of side stress when my 200 pound body gets the wheels in their inside edges.
Thanks by to say that my hubs are uniques.

I have worked to get a good hub to improve the OG Deano design for to mount on the majority of modern skates axles and using the modern technology to get a good performance.

I hope soon you get a set of my hubs for to test on your skates.
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