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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
Some of my bearings take a beating during speed practice and I'd say take a bit of stress with the 125mm wheels that I use. That's a lot of side stress when my 200 pound body gets the wheels in their inside edges.

Inlines load up on a radial forces on bearings where quads load up on axial forces on them.

Unless your doing slalom moves where the weight is being leveraged of course. Holding a hard carving edge in speed skating is mostly radial loads, and even a slower leisurely quad skater is going to produce more axial loads.

Each can have bearings tailored to their type of forces for a little better operational efficiency, but it wouldnt make much of a difference in feel.

Ive been skating micro bearings for about 3 months now. 3 to 4 times a week, always hard. While they are not as strong as the standard 22mm bearings, they shouldn't have a problem unless you have a catastrophic hit to them on the axial plane in a quad skate. Say in deby someone stomps down to get around you and smashes their big toestop onto your sideways facing wheel... or someone falls on your foot and lands their weight on a truck. That could break one if a smaller player hit square or with a large player just dropping weight onto it. A rare event though.

Of course ypur "bones" still "roll as good" if you have kept them maintained. Clean oil or grease is essential to preventing wear and polishing raceways.

I stopped running spacers on my quads to do 2 things, try to pull my arius axles loose, and to fully test the durability of these smaller bearings. Im not the largest person on skates, but I put some hard session time on them.

Eventually id like to get some of his hubs, just to have a set for my own comparisons, but im pretty convinced hubs with changeable tires arent as good as bonded urethane wheels.
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