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Originally Posted by ALBERT.PACO View Post
Right now we have a waiting list for the next batch of Hubs. Thanks to all.

It is curious but the skaters are asking for hubs for 608 bearings instead of 688 (micro bearings) and with black anodized aluminum hubs finish.

"Popular" has nothing to do with better. The folks that want the 22mm bearings are stuck in the past. The original micro bearing launch back in the day was muddied by the adapter issue. Ninja's plastic adapters were Chinese junk that could fail under the weight of a 9 year old girl on a 4 x 84 inline skate (Nationals 2001, and it was my daughter). The Ninja alloy adapters were not very precisely machined either. Can't say for sure but most likely came from the same Chinese factory. The only good ones were Tom Peterson's alloy ROCK / Speed Master adapters. Never had an issue with those and still use them. Besides, no adapters are needed with wheels that are machined (or molded) for the 16mm bearings.

Speaking of Peterson's ROCK wheels, I had kids sk8 their Flame ROCKs till they fell apart and never have a 688 failure. Broken hubs on the pre-production Sn8ks (Fugitive equivalent) were a different issue for some jam sk8rs. Separation of the hybrid (aluminum and plastic) R-Tec hub was another problem... In fact, it took Aend years to figure that one out. I have chased more than my fair share of loose Matter / Answer / Atom outer hubs across the rink floor. (Yeah it looks like the finally solved the problem. Too bad that hub is still, contrary to the advertising, not equal to a machined aluminum hub..)

Another issue was the confusion with the 2 different sizes that came out at that time as there were both "micro" sized 16mm OD and "mini" sized 19mm OD. I know for a fact that the distributors could not keep them straight.

Old sk8rs know that the original Deano wheel is compromised by the plastic hub and wide bearing spacing. In fact, after all this time, I still do not get what all the excitement was over that wheel. I had several sets before the became cool again and was never happy on them. Broke the quad sets into 4s and sold them to skate board jockeys.

What I think the old sk8rs want is the "look" of the OG Deano with modern bearing spacing in improved materials. I also suspect they are afraid of the micro bearings for what ever reason. Sadly I have personally experienced more out of the box failures with "fancy" 608/627s than with the industrial 688s I use in 8mm micro bearing applications. The 167s from Bont?? No issues yet. In fact, several sets of mine have been rolling for more than a year before they were released to the public. (My personal experience, YMMV)

My 2 cents Paco.... If you have sold out the next batch of micro bearing hubs I would not get real concerned about the folks wanting you to make your hubs with the old style bearing. When you can get ahead of the demand for the micro hubs, then, maybe, you could think about a hub to take the big, heavy, legacy bearings.

Me personally and Paco's hubs?? I have a set, but for many reasons, the kangaroo has not made it over the pond w/ my tires as of now, those, and some other wheels I am waiting for as well .
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