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Originally Posted by Wild42 View Post
I have found that the 7000 series aluminum is lighter per volume. Not much but a little.

Mini bearings instead of full size would allow you to remove more in the spoke area.

Hello, thanks for your suggestion.

When I started this project I have thinked to made this hub with alu 7000 series because itīs lighter but I have checked price and is more expensive than 6000 series.

I want to get a ALU hub with a good price-quality relation, with a good quality at the best possible price.

I have in mind, make in a future, three types of hub:

- One design to make in Delrim or Plastic material.

- One design to make in ALU with standard bearings (the current design)

- And last design to make in ALU with mini bearings.

But at this moment I want to finish and run in production the current design before work on a mini bearing design.

And remember that not all the people like the feeling of skate on mini bearings.

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