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Default I did it! I did it!

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Rarely more than 20 people on the floor, new skates, NO BALANCE....and I was skating on one foot!!!! (Check out my "EEP! PURPLE! My New Ride" thread in the quad forum for more on the skates themselves and on my one-footed skating)

The rink today....crappy music MOST of the session. So help me I hear ONE more Beiber song and I'm gonna have to hurt someone. TWO little girls, maybe 3, other than my own...couple birthday parties, 99% boys...and that's almost all they played. I know (most) little girls like Justin (not mine, they're too smart for that, thankfully)...but I didn't think BOYS liked him. Most of my girls' requests went unplayed, as usual. *sigh*

For the crowd - 20 people on the rink at a time the entire session - it was a good mix of age groups, though. I think at one point, the adults even outnumbered the kids! Sucks for the rink...but it was awesome for us! Got to experiment a little more, no one ever really got in the way, though some of the boys did like going in the wrong direction/darting in front of people. But with it so dead, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The worst part of the idiot was actually ENCOURAGING his daughter to play in the stupid spotlights! Guess he figured - wearing ALL BLACK - he would be easier to spot so we wouldn't run over his kid? again. Yeah, let's all wear all black and stand in the middle of the main drag while the lights are dim. OY! What the heck was he thinking? I was *thisclose* to just going flat out and running him over. Seriously wanted to.

The music, I'm getting used to it being so hit or miss (mostly miss), but that moron really deserves a prize for his stupidity.

Overall, it was a pretty good session, though.
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