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Default Thursday 19May2011 Skateland

Hi Katy, Tuesday, RufusPrime99, pjmariner, , ,

Tonight was FUN. I mean if I could get all the good regulars over the years to come on one night it would be better, yet this was still good with a lot of new faces that could skate. I even saw some mating going on.

One return gal had to stop me to remember her. She had a rear ending car accident that was hard on her back, and other stuff that kept her from skating. She has also put on some weight she wants to shed again with skating. Two of us guys told her how we too can put on weight fast when not skating.

The younger people a few gals and several guys were doing jam and other moves in the center for quite some spell. It is fun to see more than two in the middle. Still wish that high school sports coach from Salem, NH would come on back since he is "mean" in the middle. Ben seemed to be working on some new moves that reminded me of JamSkateAddictions videos with turned inward skates with wheels endways on the floor.

The chain skate gang was good. PJMariner even led at least one of them and even Guns840 (Tim) joined in. One skate buddy named Ernie (Cloviek) came and joined in yet had to scissors at the corners to slow down till speed picked back up. Lately I only see Ernie every 6 to 9 months. One guy in the gang skate every so often hooted out a call like a Fog Horn

Ernie did some fast spins in the middle yet I don't remember Jimmy doing his usual high quantity toe spins or his sit spin.

One gal I don't remember ever seeing before was able to do backwards to the center sideways surfing really well. I did a bit yet not up to my par. We actually had a few side surfers in the group yet we were all interested in other stuff.

Anyway great night

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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