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AWESOME session today.

Only TWO *serious* attempts with the newest skates and I've got 'em dialed in JUST how I like ' last for the moment. I thought I was doing good last time we were out, what a difference half a turn makes! *I* was in control this session...not my skates! LOL


Sorry...happy about that.

Music this morning was kind of...all over the map. Kiddie songs in the beginning, quite a few adults so some good shuffle songs in the middle...but birthday parties...well...UGH!

A LOT of the birthday parties were comprised of African Americans so they got a bit heavy on the rap later on. WHY do they generalize like that???? Just because you're from a certain ethnic background, you don't automatically like a particular kind of music!

Once again, we had to ask, "How do you know they won't like it if you don't play it?" I don't think ANYONE is asking for them to play a certain type of music the ENTIRE session...but mixing it up is never a bad thing. Yes, keep the little girls happy with a Justin Beiber...Bee...ohhhh however it's, but there's nothing wrong with adding in Gap Band, maybe even a country song...whatever, as long as it's skatable, I don't care who sings it! I know a lot are sick of Miley Cyrus at their rink...but she actually does have a couple songs that you could skate to....the problem is, they never play the ones by her that ARE skatable. one for our rink. Lady in wheelchair. They actually did let her come out on the rink. She was getting around fine on her own on the sidelines, but someone was pushing her. I...kinda like my rink more now. I've heard of rinks where they don't allow wheelchairs and I think that's pathetic, honestly. Even a child can work a wheelchair, they just might not go very fast, but I, personally, don't see it as an obstruction. They kept close to the walls (family session, no "fast skates" to worry about) and in control. I know that's been a topic of debate around here. A stroller however, IS dangerous to me. I mean...someone in a wheelchair isn't likely to hit the rink the day they get their chair. While mothers have been pushing strollers for ages, it's different. You fall while pushing a stroller, you're either going to grasp at the nearest thing (the stroller!) to keep your balance...hence possibly tipping the stroller over - forward or backwards - which could do a lot of harm to a child...and the smaller the child is, the worse the possible result. Option B - you feel yourself fall and "push' the stroller out of the way so you DON'T tip it...and suddenly there's an out of control stroller zipping around the rink and the kid can't control it or slow it down themselves...and again, the younger the child, the more harm that could do. Er....sorry...*end rant* I just had to applauded my rink for letting the woman in the wheelchair come out to join in the fun.

Also found out...I LOVE MY ZEBRAS! Threatening rain all day today, hot, muggy, humidity was up, and my wheels had all the grip I needed! I was flyin' around that rink once I made that final adjustment on my skates and couldn't be happier. The Zebra's (and the adjustment) helped me push myself more today than I have in the entire time since I came back to skating 5 years ago. I feel I can finally say...I'M BACK!!! THIS is the type of skating I know and love. Still working on flexibility issues (I've always had them) but I did actually skate on one foot for a while and I have NO balance so that was major for me to be able to do. The wheels & reaction were the perfect combination to give me the confidence I needed to try to do a little more than just go round and round.

Now...the down side...

BLISTER!!!!!!!! OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! Ball of right foot. But I've always had a callous there, when irritated, it "flares up" into a blister...even if I'm just walking too much, not just skating!

My poor little toe. Left big toe broken about 5 weeks ago now...was still swollen and bruised...took my skate off and I could tell even through my sock, the toe had swollen more while I was skating.

On the other - GOOD - hand...

My back feels 1,000,000,000,000 times better!!!!! Don't know what it is about skating, but something "clicks" and it's been helping this horrible back ache I've had for the last 12 1/2 years (I still think the stupid doc botched my epidural when I had my second child, hence why I never had one again)...but sitting here typing doesn't hurt...walking around the store after skating, no bask issues...sitting on the couch, no problems. How do *I* spell relief? S-K-A-T-I-N-G! LOL

*bounces off to try to do something useful*
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