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Originally Posted by Refresh View Post
im a little confused by online content regarding durometer for these wheels Sure-Grip Power Plus wheels.

Sure-grip says purple is 95a, black 93a...

Rollerskatenation says purple is 97a...

Im very excited and about ready to order. Now im trying to confirm if im a 10.5 or 11 boot...

So where is best to order from? My local skate shop is not exactly top notch...

Rollerskatenation? my roller skate world? is where I get stuff when I order new parts. Jody will take care of you.

If in doubt on Duro, go conservative. IMO, you could start at 93a and not be disappointed. Look at what the guys at the rink are using and what they are doing with them. That will give you a general idea of how hard of a wheel to buy. 97a, 98a are generally used on well kept floors. So 93a to 95a should get it done. Like I said, just my opinion. But I would have a look at others skates first.
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