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is skating again. WOOT!
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Originally Posted by bigred875 View Post
this year I plan to session skate with my son to get my legs going.... I just ordered a riedell 195/powerdyne rival/radar speed ray set up this week....should take 2 weeks for me to get them.

I am a wannabe shuffle skater too lol I really hope this stuff is becoming popular you see it trending or does one loser like me pop up once in awhile with the same posts?

inline/fitness skating interest me too but I dont know anything about it and I feel like its pretty $$
Skating in general in the northeast is slow. Gone are the days of 200+ people jammed into a skating rink for sessions. It seems to be coming back in the mid-Atlantic states. There have been a couple of new rinks opened in PA.

Inline fitness/speed skating are as expensive as you want to make it. Yeah, my speed skates are on the pricey side. But I have had my boots for 11 years now. They're Simmons full customs. (cost was $1200 back in 2006, today, they'd be $1600). Frames are just under $400, wheels are $150-$200 per set of 6, and bearings are what you'd normally pay.

However, Simmons is making a really nice package skate for $589. There are others that are less expensive, such as City Run (Korean made) A good friend of mine runs Skate Life. He also coaches a team in NC. Several of his skaters use the City Run skates and love them.

Inlines are a whole different animal. It took me a little while to get used to them and swapping back and forth from inlines to quads or vise versa can feel a little tricky.

As far as the cost to actually skate, practices in Taunton and Wilbraham run $10 each. Taunton doesn't have a price cap, it's always $10, no matter how many practices you skate. Wilbraham has 3 practices a week and when you reach $60 worth of paid practices in a month, your monthly dues are paid (or you can pay $60 up front for a month). Then there are competitions. I would say about half of the team skates competitions regularly. They require travel to at least the mid-Atlantic states, since the Northeast Speed League only has one team, Vortex. League meets are one-day events on Sunday mornings 6 times a season (October - April) with Regionals every May (two-day event). Nationals happens in July and is usually in Lincoln, NE.

There are also invitational events. I usually do only one, which happens over Presidents' Day weekend in Roanoke, VA and is a three-day event.

Fitness skating is obviously the less expensive option. All you need is a pair of skates. Fitness skates are normally softer lined and higher boots, rather than the hard-shell carbon fiber boots that speed skates have.
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