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Default Skating Advice for Older/ComeBack Skaters


The following tread stream made me think that that WE_ALL should give advice and -o- as always come from different angles/perspectives.

For Our Older Skaters coming on back to Skating, after a long dry spell. And yes some other come back skaters.

Originally Posted by xplorr94248 View Post
Because of health reasons I decided to start skating again, after some almost 30 years. First my boots don't fit, so I have to get a new pair...Then my wheels, Rannalli 300 seem too hard for the floor I expect to skate on.... o - o Am I just an old dinosaur o - o
OK NC-Guy not picking on you yet you are once again skating a tough sport built of falling every so often. Great yet I want to keep you and others skating for a long time once you get re_started.

You as a Skater just can't stop other people (like little kids) crashing into you, or pennies, plastic pieces on the floor. Picked up several pennies the last few weeks which I did find odd. Yet hey it happens.

1>Wrist Guards
Now I know this is jerky compared to your youth yet it stops a normal
wrist injury due to stiffness you have developed since you last skated.
^ You have to learn how to kill that stiffness developed past skating days.

2>Body Pads (CrashPads)
Now Harold (SkatevideoGuy) recommended them to me on a fall I took a
bit ago. I don't use them yet if I was coming on back I might want to buy
some of these hiney crash things. They fit well under that pants.

Anyway, Chime IN Anyone, I left many other ideas untouched.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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