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Default Help with my custom skate park skates

So I am normally an indoor skater but have found I enjoy outdoors skating too. Looking to build a set of skates that I can change out wheels and use them for skate parks. Mostly ramps and bowls. Iím not sure about the plate, I noticed most people are using 10-20-degree plate. Kind of wondering if I should get a 15 because that is what I am used to indoors. I understand the tradeoffs, but donít know what might be best. Love some input. Iím definitely out of my territory here, have had some experience with 100 buck crappy skates in the park. I think the boot is OK, but there may be much better choices for the plate and wheels. Thanks for your thoughts!

*Riedell 965 boot
*Sure Grip Avanti magnesium (10 degree)

*Octo Momentum Park Dual Density Wheels (I would use these for park)
Wheel Diameter:58mm
Wheel width:32mm
Wheel hardness:100A (too hard for most people or fine with many?)

*Maybe Sure Grip Slider/Grinder Blocks for easier drop ins?

PS: I thought I made a double post and tried to remove this, but I guess I didn't!
Riedell 336 Boot , Roll-Line Energy plate, Roll-Line Panther wheels -95A, Me: 165 lb, 6'2"

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