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Default Things you don't know

Originally Posted by Mort View Post

Ya know tho, whqt I learned last night at practice and session is my friend does not know how to plow stop. I was floored. Did not believe it that such a skater couldnt do a plow... considering I taught him how to backwards hockey stop and backwards plow stop recently, which to me takes more skill to perform. I always figured he knew already and since he could hockey stop he never did it.

Never sell yourself short. There are a lot of mediocre skaters and even newbies on our junior team that would make our coach look embarrassing when it came to a plow stopping! So just because you see a great skater, does not mean that they are as good as you may think they are. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, all you can do is work on them.

Funny, .i was skating with one of the Domes best skaters. Rink Rat, related to the owners. So he's much better than me. (One day he came up to me a said watch what I can finally do. An IB spin, totally jelly here). We were side surfing a bit. And I said, now I'll go left and you right. He couldn't do it that way. Like what?

Of course, thers a million things I can't do, or never even thought to do as well.
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