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Default Sunlite plates

This may be coming to you too late, but I"m new here and just noticed this thread. I am not a vert skater, though I've only just discovered this new phenomenon, and I am definitely going to try it out once the snow up here melts. As far as Sunlites, I use them outdoors on trails and roller hockey. They are extremely durable. How they would hold up to grinding, I'm not sure, but if you wanted to try a plastic plate, this would be the one I recommend. Also, for a durable plastic plate that's even cheaper, you can't go wrong with Marathon IV plates. I have two other skates with these plates. One has taken me thousands of miles, the other I'm breaking in. I did crack one a few years ago, but I really beat the s#it out of them. For the cost, they're durable, light weight, and easily replaced. A bonus for me is all the trucks I've accumulated. I can transition from indoor, to sport court, to outdoor very easily. Can't wait to try the skatepark.
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