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Default Red River Trail, Shreveport LA

The Red River Trail, Shreveport LA, is a 5 mile long multi-use trail that generally follows the western bank of the Red River. The trailhead is in the Shreveport entertainment district, along the Clyde Fant Parkway, and adjacent to the amphitheater and splash pool.
The trail is mostly smooth asphalt of varying widths but averaging about 10 feet. Over the length of the trail there are rolling hills, a few moderate hills, and several long stretches of flat terrain. There was minimal vegetation and stones the day I skated there. I encountered several bicyclists and many more walkers/runners all of whom seemed to be trail savvy.
The southern terminus of the trail is at Hamel Memorial Park. I made a U turn in the parking lot there because the final loop around a small pond there looked covered with sand and detritus from a recent rain.
Each quarter mile of the trail is marked and labeled with a concrete inlay across the trail and a placard with the distance embedded in the edge of the concrete.
About halfway along the trail is a modest skate park for the aggressive crowd.
It was a decent 10 mile skate for me and might be disappointing to faster and fitter speed skaters.
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