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Have been using a 4x8 sheet of MDO plywood with about three coats of gloss spar varnish. The TLA stands for "Medium Density Overlay"... 'means it has some sort of heavy duty paper bonded to both sides of the sheet. The bonding compound is very hard; the panels are mainly used in the concrete construction trade for building custom concrete forms. The smooth surface of the panels is to form a very smooth face on the pour. It's been about 3+ years since mine was purchased but it was ~$35 for a 5/8" sheet and that was a "blem". I haven't had to refinish it despite pretty regular practice the first year and "on'n'off since. Use was mostly Rich Humphrey's roller dance videos. I got mine at a local lumber yard (a real one, not a big box store).

'Hope this helps; Glenn
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