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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
Nice! We have a cool front coming through here for next weekend. Might be 59*F on the Northshore of out lake at sunrise. Already rented a car and will be racking up miles Fri-Sunday. At last! Weather that is not life threatening!

Are you on Strava or any athletic registry for your workouts? Would like to see some route maps and such.

All my skate sessions are here:
Cool. In which wave are skating Northshore?

I have a Strava Account and all my activities are there. However, it is not maintained. It is just a poorly synchronized clone of my Garmin Connect Account Much is lost in translation including the fact that most of Strava "rides" are actually skates!

If you search the Garmin Connect activities with activity type of "race", you will see several Northshore Inline Marathons.
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