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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Pure urethane wheels(or any wheel without a Alu insert) dobt need spacers at all. They don't align anything. The outer races will move sligjtly with the hub as it seat and insects the bearings under load. The only thing you are doing is holding the inner races still while the wheel flexes, which actually causes more binding than not in this case. If you want the best roll keep the nuts a little more loose.
Sorry Mort, that's just not so. Quite the opposite. In a wheel with no hub structure, the bearings will bind with very little provocation unless they're tight against a spacer because there's nothing to keep them aimed the same direction. Why do you think there were bearing spacers in the first place?

Plastic and later aluminum inserts sought to hold the bearings in place without the need for a spacer. Most of the wood wheels I've encountered had spacers installed, except for the ones with the steel inserts.

The large aluminum hubs commonly associated with racing type wheels are just an extension of those "inserted" wheels. Go look at the original inserted Huggers, or the Rannalli Pro Line or even the Fan Jet Long Mile.
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