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While there is really only a off/on setting with spacers where they dampen vibrations like wheel chatter and make a more solid setup, or lock nut backed off where they act as if they weren't there.

There is a point where you can just barely have them engaged which would cause slight drag on setups without them properly set up, and they still allow some wheel vibrations, but not completely dampened as if you had the lock nut torqued a bit more. This is why I say modulation, because theres more than 1 potential effect.

Although this largely has to do with how the axles are made, as well as the wheels hubs and bearings My axles have a dip by the threads, which allows significant play between the outer bearings and the axles on my Royal Assassins. Some wheels do not have as wide of a bearing seat, so wheels that use .270 bearing spacing and 608s sit on the full OD where the outer bearing on those assassins sits right at the dip. For the fanjet hubs I have there is really only a on/off setting, but for the assassins its more like off, half way, and locked down. All of which produce different feels on the floor , traction, and turning.

It's not that things matter or not, it's HOW MUCH it matters in a given setup. Sometimes it's so minute, it's not noticed

Wish we would start holding skate manufacturers to ABEC type standards(dimensional issues, like that of my axles) where they produce repeatable and accurate tolerances for our skate gear(well the expensive stuff at least)
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