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the problem with our bearings is that they don't roll straight in the same direction..?you apply force with your weight and legs etc...wheels hubs and urethane deform the alignment...there are fewers force in many directions.

it's a little bit te same on front car always screw the center bearings pack nut to zero lash and unscrew it...usually 1/4 of turn....your wheel must turn freely. the consesuence of too small gap is heat and destruction of bearings.

theorically zero lash works but the problem is that we dont talk about a perfect strong and balanced wheel of metal for example that turn with no exterior force on a perfect axle...

so for me you unscrew the nut until your wheel turn freely and longer time as possible by hand and you're near the best gap....

another thing i personnaly consider is that a new bearing out of package usually doesn't works at its needs a breakin period...and always extract the grease and use oil. ...

again....i don't say people must do what i do's just my experience on outdoor skating since 20 years....maybe it's different on a rink...we don't have rinks in my country.
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