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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
I could buy ice boots and mount plates on em? I never thought of that.. is that a perfectly legit/proper/good strategy too? or are they just as expensive? (and as comfortable?)

Also i'm going to practice my waltz tonight some more, what does it mean to 'check' my landing, is it some way of stopping the spin or landing proper that i'm not doing?
the ice boots are as expensive if not more but you can get them cheaper used online at ebay or other ice sites. if you have an ice skating rink or ice shop near you, you may find them used and on sale for 100 bucks or so depending. not as many mens as there are womans but u could get lucky.

to check the jump is to stop the rotation before you hit the floor. pull your right shoulder back a bit and your right arm to the side but up and your left arm in front, they should form an L. also you have to stop the hip rotation and the free leg from swinging it should be straighter back and off the ground. this is a good thing to do not on skates also for muscle memory and practice. good luck and have fun
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