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The doctor ended up putting a cast on my left Wrist/arm. I guess it's a good idea in the long runů As I'm supposed to go on a ski weekend the second week of December! And then getting the cast off two days after the weekend. I still have not gone back to skating as I still have not found any wrist guards. The 187's don't look long enough.

Also, you can bet I will be sewing fancy covers to go over my wrist guards! I've already picked up an elastic black sequined tube top at the Goodwill that I will be making wrist guard covers out of! And another one that has black sequins and black ruffles on the end. I make skate boot covers for myself so now I will be making wrist guard covers in every color! Ha ha.

My friend also suggested I check out some play it again sports type stores for older wrist guards. It's funny they change designs and models when the older ones could possibly be better. I have not done that yet but will soon.

I saw a YouTube review on the 187's. They look to be too short to me, thinking I should have something higher up the fore arm.
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