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Default My Wrist Brake Story / RollerBlade

Hi Tuesday,

Hey I am lucky and you posted. I am no longer an avid regular since I have to much to do, like lots of grass cutting and leaf pick up and deck work and other inside work, plus skating.

Originally Posted by Tuesday Girl View Post
Thanks everyone for your recommendationd. One of my guy skate friends has Rollerblade Urban Gear guards. o-o-0

Yeah, I don't even know what happened, except all of a sudden I remember thinking "Omg! Both feet are high out from under me...I'm going straight down on my butt." I never learned to tuck and roll, o-o-o It stinks ! But at least I was doing something fun when I broke it!
There were only two other people on the skate floor when I broke my wrist. Both were the owners of the rink business. I was just going around the corner so so gently skating sideways and I had a small fall. Caught myself on my hand and broke the wrist on a Saturday night. It was such a small fall I thought it was just a sprain till overnight and Sunday morning. I chattered the big bone as it comes into the wrist.

I have several pairs of older RollerBlade wrist guards that Arm has and have been described above as two hard pieces of plastic. If it were me I would look on line or play it again sports and see if you can find some decent older strong looking wrist guards.

I have actually over the years since maybe 2000 been saved several times by these wrist guards.

As long as we are at protecting Miss Skate Minnesota how about some other protections and some bruise cream for your skate bag. Two places I deal with more regularly recently are my knees and my elbows. (Treating a right knee now). Now I don't want to use those big gunky pads yet I have been thinking about what to add for under garments. For me this all comes from that once in awhile chip on the floor or a wet spot I just hit right while doing something fancy in skating.

Good Luck with the Doc, and Good Luck with Showers.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
P.S. A skater told me that his mom broke both her wrists while doing Art Skating and he had to help her in the bathroom. Ouch and WE are so so lucky.
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