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Here is exactly what I put in the other thread, re: these skates -

Originally Posted by NibblesMcGiblet View Post
So, here is the info on my skates from my personal notes (like I said, I've been researching awhile) and also I will link to some pics - btw my goal is NOT to sell them, but to clean them up and get new bushings, freshen up the wheels with help from Pete, and also the boots one way or another (stiff tongue needs help..?) and then use them once in a blue moon just for some careful fun. Thank you all SO SO Much for ANY help possible!

BOOTS: Hyde Athletic Co. - white leather, men's cut (?), 10 eyelets, no eyehooks, split tongue (?) with orange foam lining (aftermarket? WAY aftermarket??)


Pete from says it's a 10 degree plate and dates the entire skate setup to 1940s-1960s.

WHEELS: "Chicago" No. 78 SPL Pat. No. 2300444 - loose bearing wheels for 7mm axels

Wheel patent filed Aug. 1940 and approved Nov. 1942 suggests it is a composite (patent number 2300444) but Pete at sk8fanatics says they're "stone wheels" (the wheels are NOT "pat pend" so they are from Nov 42 or later).

TOESTOP ADAPTER: Rice Bros Mfg / Co. Bluffs IA / PAT PEND

I found the patent for these (patent number 2566747) - Leo H. Rice applied for the patent in Feb 1948, and it was approved in Sept 1951 so these toe stops were made between those two dates.

(note - Leo H Rice and Ira J Rice were still patenting roller skate stuff in 61-3 but were now located in Nebraska)

(PS Doc I only knew to search patents for "skate adapters" when all else failed, due to your old thread here about them! I had found it on google, seen a pic of one similar to mine, realized mine was special (I never heard of a toe stop adapter to me so that's special in my book!), and then figured out the rest. Thank you so much for that!)

PICS (I will take and upload better ones ASAP) - <---- full size versions are here, smaller versions here: <--- here's some additional ones that I just took. A few are repeats from above basically, because I was trying to get some that I could fit on the forum. But got it fixed well enough for now with a work-around. The small versions are below, but full size at that link

And finally:

(big version -

(big version - size (men's) and model number (maybe??)- ) "8" "527572"

**A cool note, I think - one of the wheels, when removed, was found to have the same raised lettering on the inside /skate side of the wheel as yo usee here on the outside of the wheel (all of them have it on the outside, but the inside raised lettering had been rubbed off of all but one). I would've never thought there was lettering on both sides if I hadn't seen that! Thought it was really neat!
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