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Default A few adjustments, new bearings/wheels and wow!

I fitted a Falcon F-16 plate to my Ridell 120 boot a few weeks back, and it bothered me that when I looked at other peoples skates at the rink and in pictures, the rear wheels were further back than mine.Whilst trying to get the front wheels just ahead of the ball of my foot I'd mounted the whole plate forward.

Long story short, 6 new holes and 1 inch backward later, new plate mount. Tried it out tonight with some new wheels (Bones Art Elite 101A) and new bearings (Qube 8 ball) and wow! What a difference.

Probably all the different parts had an effect. Balance felt so much better (well, after I stopped falling forwards instead of backwards!), and those bearings are brilliant, light push and I roll right down the rink. Harder wheels helped with the manourvering and I didn't notice any adverse slipping when accelerating hard - brilliant.

Confidence was low due to a knee injury, but after 30 minutes I was back to my level (admittedly not very high) but everything felt smoother and more comfortable. Can't wait for my next session to try a couple of new things (left backwards 3 turns - not yet got the hand of the inside or outside edge so they will top the list for now).
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