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Originally Posted by Mcostello View Post
Check out "The voyage of the St. Louis." Those that do not know History are condemned to repeat it.

Wow, so the people fleeing the Nazi in the 1939's are being compared to the people being persecuted by the Nazi Republicans in 2019, got it,anyone being persecuted by the Nazi is guilty, but the Nazi are the good guys, right.

I prefer to think that the Nazi will be defeated in both instances.

@ rufus....Paid by Soros to pick up all the belongs that fit in their pockets and seek safety, right, does that mean Soros is also paying the gangs to create the violence causing the mass migration.

Nothing to do with global warming or the current administration stopping relief funding.

But no problem making up another nutso theory, Soros is causing the problem.

The whole situation is on Trump, only a Nazi would use a historic world humanitarian crisis to drive a wedge between the citizens of the US.
Trump is flagrantly breaking the Constitution to deny legal asylum seekers, fleeing violence at home, the right to legally seek asylum in the US, Trump caused the humanitarian crisis and every day he makes it more of a problem.

Now he wants to buss the legal asylum seekers to santuary cities, which is actually funny, the asylum seekers actually have a better chance of escaping the agency trump is turning into Nazi to catch them (ice), a 20% better chance, and they will be paying taxes to those santuary cities, their children will become citizens and vote. (Once the Nazi are out of the WH and sane humanitarian policy's become once again the norm)

Another illegal Trump policy that will drag it's way through the courts, while the Nazi Republican party investigates the FBI for defending America against the Russian interference, helped by the Trump presidential campaign.
Liberal authority comes from rational assessment of true facts followed by correct implementation of useful measures that result in a better outcome.
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