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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
I'm looking and thanks for the link!!! It's still kind of hard to narrow it down. I just want something softer, but not squishy. Something very basic. I've never had any problems with arches or pain or anything. I just want something that doesn't feel like a piece of wood.

Kcire10- Edea's are so amazing, you see so many people skating on them in the olympics. I would LOVE to try them sometime. Right now I'm loving the 172's. I figured out how to do inside double three turns (with instructor advice). I realize that's kind of a beginner thing, but for me it's a big accomplishment. I'm still a beginner and still learning. Outside 3's were simple, but now can do both! I just can't believe the difference a "level- specific" boot and plate can make.

Now for the perfect insole.....
Good stuff! Those Edea's are ridiculously comfortable. My 220s are comfortable as well, even with the cardboard insole inserts. The Edea's feel like pillows in your boot. I'm getting the plates mounted next week then I'll take em out and see what I can do with em.

Question??? Is inside/outside 3s what we call pivoting? I watched some YouTube videos of ice skaters doing them and it seems as if that is what they are.
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