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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
I've long held the belief that leg length (hip-joint to floor) is more relevant to frame length than foot size. There is typically a loose coorelation between leg length and foot size, and so using foot size works a lot of the time.... but not always. A somewhat comical example would be frame length selection for a Hobbit (from Lord of the Rings books/movies). Hobbits are very short, but have very large feet.
Two different factors.

Hip to floor would seem to govern clearance for crossovers and similar. Clearance limits the maximum frame length. Shorter is always better for clearance until the whole frame and wheels fit under the foot where it ceases to matter.

Stability is more about contact points in front and behind the foot. Longer is always better for stability but eventually you run up against the clearance problem.

In my case, I have long legs and big feet. With a 36" inseam, clearance is not an issue for any commercially available speed frame short of fringe offerings like the Armageddon. Maybe not even then. I've never skated on an Armageddon. But the current trend toward 125mm frames significantly shorter than my feet gives me pause.
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