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Default Oh boy, here we go! :)

Little info about Arius plates(both red and platinum)

Arius plates develop their center point after hours of use. Essentially the hinge gets broken in/lapped in and becomes more stable after several hundred edge to edge leans. Until it starts to lap in holding a center point or a perfectly straigjt line will be more difficult. It is similar to trying to stand on a tightrope at first.

They are a flawed design in stock I found out. I made a fix for that however.

What flaw?
The trucks and plates wear out in their stock configuration, and are destined to be throw aways after 3 to 4 years of daily use.(3 days a week is what I skate on average and I wrecked mine in that time frame but I skate ALOT harder than anyone else I know 3 hour sessions and I almost never stop cranking out laps)

The axles suck... kinda
Not in a way most would think though. Good matrial, strong, good OD as well BUT ..They have a small dip at the end of the threads. This is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. If using 608 bearings, it's a non issue for the most part... but bont hubs use micros and space them out into that dip, which forces the inside bearing into misalignment, and really puts heavier than normal wear on them.

The advantage of this is wheels with a wider bearing spacing than. .270 for 608s or 11mm for micros, will find the outer bearing sitting in this dip. This allows the wheel to have additional play. This is BAD for traction, but good for slide control. This can be remedied with a correctly made set of spacers, so it is possible to augment your traction simply by tightening the nuts up. This also changes the way the plate steers and how well it rolls.

The gen 1 trucks and cushions are the best IMO. The platinum version, while they have more accurately made cushions, can't be modified as easily. The gen 1 cushions are usually too large, and need trimmed down in height which is pretty easy to do though. By trimming them a little slimmer, it gives room for the deflection of the cushion in the truck housing, greatly reducing the ramp up resistance. One could further change that by cutting the tips of the stabilization pins down a smidge and sanding them smooth again.

I have some laser cut shims made which does a couple things 1 guard the plate from wear/damage , 2 takes out the slop in the hinge which does A. It makes the plate respond faster, and B increases grip by decreasing slop. A 3rd thing is it does help reduce friction for the truck to swing easier, since the plastics would be sitting on a mirror like surface with a higher hardness. My current setup does not even use plastic axis pin sleeves anymore

After you really leverage the cushions over a few times they soften up a smidge and become more compliant, just like rubber bands do once they get stretched out a few times. This is true for any plate though, just some people miss it.

The reason you probably feel like the plate loses some of your push is because it is unforgiving. It will let you know when you have done a move the slightest bit incorrectly much faster than a traditional kingpin setup, But the power transfer is second to none with a good stride.

I started off with a size 12 plate and now have a size 11. I bent one of the frames on the size 12's.. well twisted it really. 6061 my

My experience with Mag avengers..

heh, good plate for the money, but sometimes those damn pivots... they don't want to stay put! Seen a few truck yokes break(where the cushions sit) Axles can get pulled loose. 100lb kid did it before at my rink. Seen a few loose kingpins, but nothing some retaining compound like loctite 609 can't fix for the axles/kps.

Crazy Venus are known to have KP issues, heck a little 120lb kid at oour rink has already broken 2 in 6 months or so. There are a few people that have fixed this issue(AFAIK) but I cannot remember where they sourced parts from or what they did, maybe Doc will bring it up.

Nothing wrong with drop in kingpins. Find where you can get some better steel bolts for the Venus, little dap of 609 loctite in the plate , done.

Happy skating!
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