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Originally Posted by Abadjiev View Post
I really appreciate all the drills/help. I have been focused on these scooter pushes because it has really revealed some weak spots with me. For instance, all this time I thought my left leg was weaker, but my right leg is far more unstable. This is due to more knee pain on the inside surface of my knee (I've had meniscal surgeries on both knees) on this side. When I have been practicing my arm swing with each push, on my right side, I was involuntarily keeping my right arm by my side because my mind "feared" my knee "giving out". So I have been doubling the amount of time on that side to strengthen the whole supporting structure on that side. I plan on spending the winter focusing on drills, even if I practice indoors balancing on one leg in my skates.
Ahh, this post sheds light on the situation, meniscal surgery on both knees.

The answer to your question, how long to, just drop your butt and get youíre legs out from under you, the lower your butt the better your ability to go fast while turning.

Might I suggest, lots of hours on a bicycle, seat adjusted properly, just pedal and slowly build up the upper and lower leg muscles which will strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the knees, they will become supple, allowing you the flexibility needed to drop your butt and go fast, skating is rather stressful on the knees, even when they arenít injured, bicycling is an excellent way to strengthen the legs with out stressing anything.
Reinjuring your knees by overstressing them isnít productive.
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