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The polished concrete floor test with 84A will be useful, and more so if they are cleaned all the way to the bottom of the grooves (if they have any - that soft often don't), and not too much tightened on the axles either.
You have to start seeing some grip at this low duro level - maybe too much even (and too little/slow roll as well).

The Advantage plates, with their high foot platforms, are likely to be putting the the sole higher up off the floor than before, which tends to make the skates somewhat more laterally tippy, and also makes leaning over onto outer wheels' outer edges happen more easily than before. This should normally raise grip in plow stops though, even preventing slide and rolling ankles over, so something seems abnormal with your situation.

The softer yellow cushions, and eventually the blue ones could help a lot for keeping wheels down on floor with uniform distribution of pressure between them and across their full lateral rolling track width. but they will slightly worsen the plates tipiness from less available suspension stiffness for tight control of plates lean angle.
They should certainly reduce slipping in turns by maintaining a more consistent, uniform size contact patch between all the wheels, but they may not so much help with the plow stopping issues.

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