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Default SG Avenger Skate/Plate Tuning

Hello All,

I've read many similar threads here on the forum regarding SG Avengers and I'm having trouble make sense of all of it. I'm gonna spit out some basics here to hopefully keep it short.

I'm a derby skater, primarily a jammer. I'm 5'1 and about 125 lbs. For two years, I skated on basic Sure Grip Rebels with a Probe plate. I changed those up eventually too better bearings and purple cushions and loosened the trucks. And was using 88a Heartless wheels (loved these suckers). We skate on a mix of floors, Mondays its super sticky sport court and on Thursday it is polished concrete.

I upgraded to a new sure grip boot (which I love) and a sport mounted SG Avenger plate with purple cushions, trucks tighten all the way down and same wheels. I could immediately tell these plates were different but not in a bad way, just different. My issue is - I cannot for the life of me plow stop anymore. I cannot get chatter. I just glid and slide and go and never stop.

Is this a technique issue? I have a feeling it is due to the fact that the axle is now located in a different place along my foot.

Any advice?
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