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Red face looking for input on skates

Hey everyone. Been out of the game for a near decade and looking to get back into it and was hoping for some input on my thoughts and any recommendations more experienced people might have.

A little about me.

6'4 220 lb guy with size 13.5/14 clown shoes. Used to have a pair of k2 fattys that I ran into the ground after years of thorough abuse. My shoe size right off the bat hampers me for a lot of selection. My riding style is high speed street (no parks) with big gaps and stairs + the occasional rail, but not often. So I think I'm definitely looking at a 4x4 setup. Ill hopefully be doing cross city trips on them throughout the summer, so 6km runs here and there, which is another knock against anti rockers and 2 wheel configurations.

As I've been looking it seems that grabbing a pair of k2 fatty pros might be my best bet. Seems most other "affordable" options (250 or less) are geared to anti rocker default setups on their frames and to swap out/customize would blow me over the 300+ mark.

I would probably get harder wheels (90-92a) and upgraded bearings (abec 7 minimum).

Now what do you guys think about this? I'd probably grab the default setup on agressivemall with possible swap out on frames to valos teams. Is this a good setup for my style and intents? Or is there something else I should be looking at? Is there anything I'm not taking into consideration? Any help anbd guidance is greatly appreciated!! Sorry for the long post but wanted to put as much info in for you guys as possible!
Thanks guys.
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