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Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
Great minds think alike Doc! I am - right now - building an experimental new advertising forum with separate subforums by type of item being sold. I am initially organizing it like this:

- Quad Skates and Boots
- Quad Wheels
- Quad Plates
- Inline Skates and Boots
- Inline Wheels
- Inline Frames
- Other Skating Products
- Want to Buy

What does everybody think?

- Kathie
I think it is a great idea. Maybe no seperate sub forums just for quad plates and inline plates. With seperate Skates and Plates areas they could be listed in and/or the other especially for people wanting to sell skates partially assembled or are willing to break them up. The Skates area could be for fully or partially assembled skates.

How about a seperate sub forum for vendors trying to sell & promote their products?

My suggestion would be:
- Quad Skates
- Quad Wheels
- Inline Skates
- Inline Wheels
- Clothing
- Other Skating Products
- Want to Buy
- Vendor area

Once again, thanks for keeping on top of things Kathie!!!!!!
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