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The just felt a little too slow, and kind of wiggly (the tall peaks of the grooves?). For about 3 months I loaned them to my daughter, a much less aggressive skater than I. She liked them. But over the months (I skate every week) the orange Cannibals have started sliding more and more. Finally 2 weeks ago in speed they would slide for 4-5 seconds, me sliding across the floor in the turns, heading towards the wall. I decided it was time to put the Labeda Stilettos back on.

Put them back on, now they're NICE! They must have been broken in from my daughter, or the floor status is just right for them now. Almost as fast as the Cannibals, and tons of grip. I could barely slide, and speed skating was a lot of work. But I was VERY fast. Ya never know, you have to match the wheel to the floor and your ability, that month....

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