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Default what plates do you skate ?

Originally Posted by AZSHOT View Post
I used them again yesterday afternoon. I had scrubbed the labels off the edges, so no slick spots anymore. I used them for some solo speed runs. They still feel like they are sliding, but make no noise, and I'm not sure they are. When I try a hard hockey stop that would slide the Cannibals, they won't do it. Yet....they still feel funny. Like they have grip, but feel mushy. Though the exact same dimensions as the others, 3 times I've snagged a wheel with the other foot, and I'm not sure why. I'm not saying they're better than Cannibals yet. The orange Cannibals are the best wheels I've ever used, on this floor.
Yep the kid that was rollin those whites last week was making a fair bit of noise.Must be your floor coating or not broken in yet.
IMHO the stilletto is one of the very best off the shelf wheels of all time.
Shamans are about 80% as good.
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