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Default Labeda Stilettos in white

Well after stepping up to orange Cannibals, I've been very happy. I have another pair of skates I'm about to get built, and was wondering if having redundant orange Cannibals on them would be boring. Or switching the wheels onto the skates to be used that night would be a pain. Or if the excitement of trying something else would be worth the cost. You get it....

So when someone on Randy's facebook group was selling new white Labeda Stilettos for $80 bucks, I pulled the trigger. Coming next week.

What I'm hoping for is a tad more roll. And still some good grip. I can get the Cannibals in an 8 wheel slide when doing speed skating, for a couple seconds, and controllable. But I'm losing speed when that happens. So I hope for the holy grail of more grip, but harder roll. I also love the look of a white wheel. Yeah, the graphics are coming off right away. Do you like Stillettos?
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