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My name is John... as you can see from my user name! LOL

I'm returning to skating after many years off. Over the past few years we have visited the local roller rink (Roller Magic in Hyde Park) for birthday parties, girls scout events, etc. It was fun to be back on skates, but I never really got along well with rentals.

A few months ago my daughter really got into the idea of skating. I told her it was best to buy a set of skates so she could learn and have consistency while learning. The owners of Roller Magic (John & Maribelle) we kind enough to loan Sydney her skates, which just happened to be the right size.

She loved them so much, we bought her a pair. They are Riedell OG 172 boots and he upgraded the wheels for her to Turbo 62mm. Since she bought a pair it was only right that I got a new pair (my old Riedells fell victim to mold and were tossed many years ago) which are Riedell 120 boots with Varsity Plus 62mm wheels.

My wife is still trying to decide whether she wants to get inline or quad skates. We need to find a good pair of quads so she can try something good.

My skating rinks started in 1979, a friend from the motocross races invited me to go along with some of his friends. It was so much fun that I bought a pair not long after and started skating regularly. I skated at quite a few different rinks in the nearby area including at Murray's in Yonkers. Murrays is an outdoor rink with a canopy roof that has ice skating in the winter and roller in the warmer months.

Back then there were quite a few roller rinks nearby, unfortunately my memory of the names escapes me. I skated in Cortland, Yonkers, New Rochelle and a few other places.

I wouldn't say I was a great skater, but I had fun bopping around the floor to the music of the day. I learned solely from watching others and most likely developed some bad habits.

Now after 30 years I'm back on skates. It's kind of strange, it feel familiar, like I know what I'm doing, but at the same time it's nerve racking because it's not the same at 60 as it was in my late 20's.

But nowadays they have Youtube!! LOL There are tons of tutorials and a bunch of skating videos to watch and get ideas from!

We have already visited a few rinks further afield, one which was very lackluster and was downright dangerous with people running across the floor, which was dusty and the rentals were the worst. It was a sad experience.

This past weekend we traveled an hour and a half upstate to Rollarama which was a great place (recommended by someone on this forum) I talked with the very nice skate guard, who it turns out goes to the adult skate at our local rink! He also asked what other rinks we visited and suggested we also try out Guptill's Skating Area. Which is billed as the largest indoor roller rink.

We actually stopped by, but it was not yet open and we couldn't stay. But we will be going back! It looks really cool

I tried inline skating for a while, but didn't really care for it. I really enjoy the roller rink experience and am looking forward to spending time with my wife and daughter as we all learn to skate better.

Here are some photos of our skates. Did I mention I wear a size 12 mens and my daughter is in 8.5 mens??

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