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Originally Posted by jackbkwikn View Post
Says the Arius skater.
You show me a plate that's as light and as strong and I will take note.
What's a 186mm axle spread boen weigh? Or something like it with a toestop boss even. I could likely cut off the boss on an arius and drop its weight below a boen easily.

A Red Arius sits at around 350 grams WITH a toestop boss, with 8mm chromoly axles, and a very rigid truck assembly that can turn. I'll never have to worry about breaking an axis pin vs traditional plates breaking kingpins.

If I put in TI axles instead, even 8mm ones, I'd have the plate down to like 310g WITH a toestop boss.

The power transfer is better in an arius due to the push force not being bushed by urethane/rubber. It's a hinge assembly that has its turning resisted by the cushions, so power input/output is much better as well as more precise.

1 BOEN SPEED plate Size 8 - 172mm = 340 grams or 11.99 ounces

Boen Speed, Size 5 (148mm): 286g 10.1 oz

18 grams per plate size, and 8mm wheelbase for each size would take the boen to 188mm if they even made a size 10 and about 356g . Correct me if I'm wrong. But that's without a stopper boss while using 7mm clip axles.
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