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Default New Skate Day (Again and Kind'a...)

Hello all,

So I just figured out how to post pictures here on SkateLogForum a few minutes ago. First order of business was to upload a picture of my Riedell Juice skates from a post that I made on June 5, 2019. I have upgraded since then and I am selling the Juice skates to a guy at my rink.

A lot of folks at the (two) rinks I frequent wear Edea boots (Classica, Fly, and a few Jazz roller boots). After doing some research and getting opinions from those skaters I decided to get fit for a pair of Classicas. I have wide (E-EE) feet and people on the forum were talking about how Edea boots run very narrow. However, after calling the folks at SkatesUS they told me to trace my feet w/ measurements and send the tracings to them. I did so and they were confident that they could mold a boot to my specifications. I went ahead and bit the bait. I got my Classicas about a week ago and I am very pleased to say that they fit like a glove. The higher heel is definitely noticeable but I was able to adjust after a few sessions. There is literally no break in with these and the plates are super responsive. Overall, I am ecstatic with my purchase :-)

My setup is:
- Edea Classica Boots
- Roll Line Mistral Plates w/ 8mm axels
- Bones Swiss Ceramic 8mm Bearings
- 103A Bones Super Elite 62mm Wheels

[IMG]New Skate Day - 07082019 by , on Flickr[/IMG]

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