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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
Hi Mort, you mentioned a short forward mount a few times, just to clarify thats what I initially set up, it's a slight short plate for my foot size (probably 10-15mm shorter than "Standard") and I originally set it up short forward, but found I was overbalancing backwards as the rear wheels were ahead of my heel pressure point.

I've move the plate back so not the rear wheels are under my heel pressure point, and the front wheels broadly under the ball of my foot. I think they call this an 'agility' mount.

Totally accept your point that most of performance is down to the ability of the skater rather than the set up, I'm just trying to find the best set up which will also help my skating, which is basic artistic/freestyle.

Personally my front axle location is preferred under my toes, about where one would grab a pencil with their feet, with the rear under the heel. My skates will stand up if placed with the heel down. Most SF mounts will not.

My preference is not so good for spins as it is top speed, when my athletic prowess goes down in 20 years, I may use a shorter plate, who knows.
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