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I don't offer advice unsolicited but my 6 year old has no such compunction. If he sees someone skating unsteadily or falling a lot, he'll whizz right up to them and tell them to bend their knees more, put their feet in a v and then step and glide. If they are still falling about, he'll offer to take their hand and help them. I have to watch him very carefully to make sure his advice is being well received, most people think he's pretty cute but not everyone loves a small child essentially pointing out their mistakes. And, sad as it is, I know that many men are uncomfortable if they appear to be alone with a random child in case it looks like they approached him. So I take care to let them know that he is being watched and I know he was the one who started talking to them.

I do have people stopping me to ask me how to "do tricks" or skate backwards or transition. Very often it's people who can very barely skate forwards so I to advise them to get more comfortable forwards first. To focus on being able to scissors/do bubbles well and to get comfortable gliding on each leg. If you can't scissors forwards or be comfortable on one leg, you are making going backwards and transitions extremely difficult if not impossible. You can also learn those two while skating about, having fun, whereas learning backwards involves stopping and starting over slowly. And I think that if it gets too hard and/or boring for a new skater they will stop.

If someone is a better skater and they want to start backwards, I tend to advise them that if it seems hard and boring compared to whizzing about to make a deal to reward themselves. When I was learning backwards, I'd decide that if I did a length of the rink, I would get to skate three laps forwards. As I improved, a circuit of the rink would earn three laps forward because I really think that early on, you absolutely need to keep it fun. These days when I'm skating, no rink session feels complete if I haven't dedicated time to learning something new. I love that as much if not more than just skating. But at the start, I hated the feeling of having to stop and work when everyone around me was flying.
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