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Originally Posted by freeislandsk8tr View Post
Alright then which brand are your skates. Are you a dancer or speed skater?
I do a little of everything.

My main skillset is high agility stop and go sprint skating with lots of evasive/dodging capabilities and high speed.

My current setup is vanilla freestyle boot, Arius plate, and royal assassins (95A) for indoor and for outdoor. One of the following

Atom poisons
Sure Grip Aerobics
Hebegb Monsters 88A
Hebegb monsters 78A

Having a skate that is light and maneuverable is very helpful. Those scorpion skates dont look to be either. And they look like wheel clipping is a real threat.

I dont recommend an arius for outdoor use if that's the main skating you do. its design is a little rough for that due to the trucks being on a hinge instead of a urethane or rubber bushed truck on kingpin assembly.
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