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Default Quads as alternative to Skorpion Skates

So in another post I mentioned that Skorpion skates are my favorite skates and may be out of business.

I started skating on Chicago derby skates 40 years ago.

about 26 years ago I bought cheap inline skates which I skated on a few times.

When I decided to get fit in 2007, I went skating and the boot tore. I found Skorpions and have skated on them ever since.

I like the quality of quads and Skorpions in that you can stand easily in them with out having to balance on a single row of wheels. I like the fact that I can take off the skate easily when I need to with Skorpions.

Cardiff skates seem to be the only skates available with these qualities, I am unhappy with the ease of cornering in Cardiff skates.

I am asking what quad skates you prefer? Do you use them to go shopping? Long distance skating? Speed skating? Why?

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