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Originally Posted by llamont View Post
I am curious to learn about the difference in plate disciplines (more specifically the difference b/t plates that are advertised to be better for rhythm and derby.
It's mostly marketing. There are some traditional plate styles for the artistic disciplines, but nowadays, it's about selling plates.

Originally Posted by llamont View Post
I see a lot of PowerDyne Reactor Pro plates, PowerDyne Arius plates, Snyder plates, and Roll-Line plates at my rink and I’m curious if there’s really a big difference.
There is. Sort of like going to the grocery store, and out in the parking lot are Fords and Chevys and Toyotas and Kias.

It can get complicated, sort of, but think of basic plate characteristics. Kingpin angle. Pivots - rubber bushed, semi-precision, full precision adjustable. Cushions - tall, short, conical, barrel, other, rubber, urethane. Plate material - plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, magnesium, spring steel. Plate style - Riveted, box frame, cast, machined, injection molded, etc. Toe stop or not.

Each of those things, and in combination with the other things, plus the size and the mounting, all define how a particular skate will react to input from the skater. As you might imagine, the matrix can get pretty involved.

As one example in a kazillion, figure skates. Often they'll have a full size plate, with no toe stop, rubber cushions, a click action, 15 degree kingpin angle, and art style boot with full heel and plated mounted flush with the back of the boot and front axle directly under the ball of the foot. Why? Rubber cushions will rock over and stay there, where urethane will try to return to center, so better for holding a circle. Click action because often it takes a different setup for big circles versus small, and it makes switching setups easier.

It's horses for courses. And a lot of it is personal preference.

So that's the long winded version of saying that like any tool set, some things work better than others. You can drive a screw with a hammer but why would you? But some screw drivers fit your hand better than others.
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